We buy and sell real property

develop and hold

affordable housing 



We develop and re-characterize distressed real estate and with a desire for expansion take on strategic partnerships with like minded individuals.  


We buy property by the dozen each and every month and always have houses, mobile home parks, apartment complexes and the like offered for sale with special terms and financing. 


We look for multi family properties for sale by direct owners specifically but not limited to affordable housing. Contact our office to receive a same day offer on your property!


This firm was founded by Caleb & Denise Walsh investors born out of the 2008 financial meltdown.In braving the new financial landscape they were able to take advantage of the rock bottom prices at the time and scoop up real estate notes, single family homes and eventually mobile home parks and apartment complexes building lasting wealth. All this effort is now what makes up JohnRuth Capitals multi state housing empire! 



- Buy Private Mortgages 


A private mortgage is a type of mortgage loan whereby funds can be sourced from another person or business rather than borrowing from a bank or other finance provider. JohnRuth Capital has 1st position notes available for sale between 8-15% secured by multi family property. 

- Multi Family Properties For Sale


With current investments in 6 states JohnRuth consistently picks up excess inventory that we look to sell at a bundle discount or provide long term financing on. 

- Private Partnerships

We see affordable housing as an existential crisis. To solve this ever growing need we are looking for partners to acquire affordable housing with our team and add to our many thousand unit portfolio. This is typically deal specific but in most cases our company can provide or obtain the financing and use a partner to joint venture the renovation cost. 



Head Office

JohnRuth Capital Inc 

13194 US Hwy 301 S #374

Riverview, FL 33578



Tel: 855-862-8837


To apply for a job with JohnRuth Capital inc, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: info@johnruthcapital.com


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 855-862-8837 or fill out the following form

Get an offer on your property: 855-862-8837
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